Ecstatic Dance North County with DJ Avani

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Date(s) - 04/07/2017
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Eve Encinitas

Ecstatic Dance is a Tribal Movement, a Sacred Space for you to explore, unwind and unfold your true magnificence.
Come be held by the dance floor, the music and the community, connect non-verbally with yourself and others and tap into the magic of this liberating movement space.



DOORS OPEN @ 7:45pm – Stretch / Gather / Connect

*** 8pm – 9pm Contact Improv Evolution w/ Flow Shakti

Contact Improv is partner dancing with no set steps, based on the energy and physics of bodies and souls moving together. Contact Improv Evolution incorporates group processing, energy awareness, emotional inquiry, deep sharing and personal exploration to go deeper as a group and individually. This class will explore some of the fundamentals of Contact Improv as well as go deeper into the Evolutionary aspects of this practice. Contact Improv Evolution is perfect for both beginners and advanced contact dancers!

Flow has been facilitating Contact Improv for 5 years and has facilitated other forms of movement, ritual and connection workshops and circles for over 8 years. She creates a powerful and safe space for participants to dive deep and emerge as more whole, confident, integrated and empowered.

Join the upcoming Contact Improv Evolution 6 Week Series, starting April 5th!

*** 9pm – 10:50pm – Ecstatic Dance Journey w/ DJ Avani (AKA Tyler Blank)

Avani aka (Tyler Blank) sees each Ecstatic Dance as a Journey through Human Life. We Begin (Life & Dance) with Ambient Nothingness out of which our Dreams are Created. Our Intention (Conception) Manifests as we enter into Physicality, and we are Born with the first Beat. The Sweet Tenderness of Infancy grows into the Playfulness, Sexuality, and Exploration of Youth. Intensity of Life (& Music) grow further as we go through our Adulthood, Monotony of a Job (house beat? Ha!), and Mid-Life Crisis (Chaos). We may have Time for a Second Childhood, or we Wind Down through the Reminiscence of our Youth (pop remixes) and Wisdom of Old Age as we eventually find Peace, Stillness, and Integration of the Dance (Life), into Death, and Beyond.

Tyler (Avani) first started “DJing” by making mix tapes as a youngster, weaving in messages through song lyrics to convey the desired meaning and emotion through each side of the tape. He delights in sharing New Music, and he collects Songs from every Genre, Tempo, Emotion, and Intensity. Avani’s Music is Crafted for a Journey into Conscious Movement, Connecting with Self and Other, as both as a Wild & Playful Celebration, and as Healing Shamanic Experience & Therapy.

He now plays (DJs) at Ecstatic Dances around the world, and is the Founder of Ecstatic Dance San Francisco, and the Co-Founder of Ecstatic Dance Oakland, Fairfax, & The Ecstatic Dance Retreat in Hawaii. He is also the Director of the Ecstatic Dance Community Non-Profit, helping people start their own Dances around the World.

More about Ecstatic Dance can be found at:
More about Tyler at:

*** 10:50pm- 11:00pm – Sound Healing Journey: Planetary Gongs with Dharam Avtar Kaur (Marbella Mondaca)

Dharam Avtar Kaurhas been studying and performing with the Planetary Gongs for over five years. Planetary gongs are a resource to provide Sound Healing to all. From her perspective she approaches the world as a vibratory experience. Marbella uses various sound generating instruments to bring a resonant harmony to the experience of those lives she works with. Dharam Avtar Kaur is also trained as a Kundalini Teacher. She received her training through 3HO, an accredited and certified training program with Yoga Alliance. The sounds of her planetary gongs transcends the souls higher powers bringing alignment to all who receive her gifts. There is a unique method to Marbellas’ teachings and Dharam Avtar Kaur is one whom is connected with harmony, peace and resonance.

Want more planetary gongs in your life? Join the Upcoming event with Marbella:


*Water to stay hydrated.
*Clothes that allow a full range of motion.
*A good attitude, open mind and heart 💚✌🏼️ 💚
$15.75 in advance
$20.00 cash at the door
**Advance tickets sales end at 5pm Friday 4/7/17**